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Cyntell Frame Baskets

Mon & Tues 21st  and 22nd March 2016

Sat 9th & Sun 10th April 2016

Tutor: Owen Jones

Full-size ( approx 22″ diameter ) Welsh agricultural frame basket – Cyntell – with shaved ribs worked on shave horse and weaving with 5′ and 7’s. Owen learnt from Les Lewellyn who was taught by the master himself – D J Davies. DJ was very keen that the techniques to make this beautiful and precise basket were not lost once it was no longer used on the farms, so when he retired from working at St Fagans in the late 80’s, he remained volunteering to demonstrate the making of it. Now Les has taught many members of the Welsh Basketmakers Group and the heritage is safe and the know-how for making the Cyntell spreading .

Approx cost £135

Contact Linda Lemieux for more details.